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Thermosolar Hive 3 Langstroth boxes - deep, shallow, shallow - coating: organic linseed oil

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Complete Thermosolar beehive for an ecological and effective elimination of Varroa mites with one Langstroth deep body box and two Langstroth shallow boxes, bottom board, thermosolar ceiling and roof.


  • Insulated vapour-permeable roof – It works like common hive roof but has more powerful insulation and it enables airflow at the same time. It comprises a layer of insulation fibrous vapour-permeable material, allowing an easy permeability of vapour.
  • Therapeutic thermosolar ceiling – Is used for intensive thermotherapy. It contains two thermometers with sensors. The ceiling is covered by hive roof and it is used only for thermotherapy.
  • Thermosolar deep body box – One insulated box, provides space for bees. Contains thermosolar windows which ensure long-term warming of the colony. Every box contains shade to thermosolar window and insulation frame. Dimensions of frames are 232x449 cm / 9,13x17,68 in.
  • Thermosolar shallow boxes – Two insulated boxes, provides space for bees. Due to the dimensions, shallow boxes don't have thermosolar windows. Every box contains insulation frame. Dimensions of frames are 136x449 cm / 5,35x17,68 inches.
  • Insulated varroa bottom board – It works like common hive bottom board. Deep bottom board with closable entrance and varroa grid.
  • User manual in English language 


  • Bottom board with feeder – Hive bottom board with the external feeder for an easy feeding. It is used to feeding colonies with two jars with percolating lids.
  • Coating – We offer five types of coating. Four shades of water-soluble glaze lacquer with bee wax. And organic linseed oil coating.

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