Thermosolar Hive™

Highly effective and ecological elimination of Varroa Destructor mite is not the only benefit of the Thermosolar Hive.

Thermosolar Hive saves the beekeepers time, makes beekeeping easier, without chemicals and enhances the yield of healthier honey.




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Our story

Story of Thermosolar Hive. How Roman discovered it?


Elimination of Varroa Destructor

It eliminates completely the late summer reproduction of the mite called Varroa destructor. After a single application the number of parasites is reduced by at least 80%. That is to say bellow the limit which endangers the colony.

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell - Technology of Thermosolar Hive™

During the treatment the beekeper removes the outer cover of the hive and the thermosolar ceiling is exposed to the sun. The increasing temperature is monitored on the built-in sensors. Once the temperature reaches 47°C in the upper part of the hive, ...

In Detail

In Detail - Technology of Thermosolar Hive™

The Thermosolar Hive™ is a modern hive consisting of boxes, equipped with active surfaces, enabling changing the sunshine into thermal energy to warm the brood chamber. The outer cover is very well insulated (necessary precondition) ...