The anti-varroa Thermosolar Hive™ is currently the most innovative beehive in production. Thermosolar Hive is the way to ecological beekeeping with the possibility of organic honey production.

Termosolární úl

Thermosolar Hive promises to turn the honey bee crisis around by elimination of parasitic mite Varroa destructor.

And it significantly improves beekeeping in many areas:

  • It speeds up the spring expansion of the bee colonies
  • Saves winter honey reserves and reserves throughout the season
  • Increases flight activity of bees
  • Increases honey collection potential (the usual increase of honey collection is +25% to +75%)
  • Saves beekeeper's time


All is achieved by efficient use of the thermosolar energy. The beekeeper benefits from having healthier bees producing more honey and the consumer benefits from the return to natural honey – honey without chemicals.


With our scientifically and practically proven technology it is easy to prevent swarming and eliminate the outbreak of American foulbrood from internal causes. Give this technology a try!