Thermosolar Hive

Return to natural honey - the one without chemicals

Thermosolar Hive is a Czech invention that has made a big impact in apiculture world. It is a hive and a therapeutic device in one. It eliminates Varroa destructor thanks to solar energy without the need of using chemical products.

We help beekeepers with their issues

Fight with
Varroa mites

Low production of

Using of

Death of
bee colonies

Slow spring
development of bees

And we bring them several advantages

Highly effective at killing Varroa destructor without chemicals

Honey production increased on average by 40 %

Honey without chemicals, increased consumption of winter supplies

Presence of Nosema parasites

Bees thermal control increased

Satisfied beekeepers

I have never seen such healthy bees before and I must acknowledge that I had not expected the hive to be so great. There is not a single mite in the droppings, the hive continuously heals my bees by increasing the temperature during the day.
Michaela Hoďánková, Czech republic
The hive is very good quality! The carpenter work is excelent and the wood which he used is 1A quality. I like how the hive is build you can see that you did think and develop for a long time to come out with a good system. I am very optimistic and hope that i do not need anymore any "chemical gifts" to treat the Varroa. I will update you in some weeks when I get the experience how the varoa treatment works.
Siegbert Breitner, Germany
Over the winter my bee colony in the TS box grew and put in honey, while other beekeeps in my area were actively feeding their hives. My colony in a standard wood box did not fly as early in the morning, nor as late in the afternoon during colder weather, as did the bees in the TS hive. I’m sure this is due to both the insulation and the passive solar gain in the TS hive.
Patrick Cooley, USA, San Diego
I am very satisfied with the Thermosolar Hive. It was a higher investment but the quality of the boxes is great. Even the beekeepers I know find the system great to treat their colonies against Varroosa without the use of chemicals. Although I am a small beekeeper and I only make honey for my own use, I know that the honey and the bees are chemical free.
Hans Heydorn, Germany
Dr. Roman Linhart (the inventor of TSH) was one of my best former students who I was teaching on the Faculty of  Science at Palacky University in Olomouc. Immediately after graduation and going to practice, he became a member of my research team, where he dealt mainly with issues of beekeeping. On the basis of many experiments, Dr. Roman Linhart constructed the Thermosolar Hive (TSH), which reliably eliminates mites, using only the solar energy. It was tested on Palacky University and also by many beekeepers. It has been proved that solar thermotherapy is a complete  alternative to a chemical treatment, but also for thermotherapy based on an electricity. Solar  heating is less labourious and complicated. It is also completely safe for the colony. Thermosolar Hive seems to be a very promising device for eliminating mites without a  chemical treatment.
Prof. RNDr. Vítězslav Bičík, CSc., Palacký University, CZ

More advantages of Thermosolar Hive

Strong and healthy bees means more honey

Beekeeping without chemicals and with unique patented hive and therapeutic device.

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How it works

Vapor-permeable hive roof
Thermosolar ceiling
Thermosolar boxes

Intense short-term thermotherapy is done during summer months. Ideal time for that is from the end of July to beginning of August. The hive should be placed on a bright and sunny place with its entrance facing South or South-East. The thermotherapy is best done during bright days with maximum of 30 % cloudiness. The treatment should be performed in the morning - during afternoon a temperature in brood chamber wouldn't be even as it the upper part of the box would quickly overheat. All the capped brood of the colony must be placed in the super with the therapeutic thermosolar ceiling. Entries of all supers must be closed, the hive entrance narrowed and queen excluder removed just before starting the thermotherapy. Make sure that the thermometer sensors are inserted correctly into the frame with capped brood.

By removing the hive roof you allow the sunrays to reach the thermosolar ceiling. The heating is gradual, approximately 0,1 °C per minute. Thermometer sensors are inserted into the frame with capped brood. Once the temperature of the upper sensor reaches 47°C, beekeeper stops the active heating of the brood chamber by putting the roof back. The difference in lower and upper sensors will equalize gradually. The temperature will settle at 42-43 °C which will last for at least 120 minutes. This time is enough for killing Varroa mites inside of the capped broods. 120 minutes should be counted when the whole box reaches the temperature of at least 40 °C.

The house bees remain on the heated brood during the whole therapy. That's why the brood remains intact throughout the therapy without being harmed. The brood stays intact even if virgin comb is not there. We also recommend horizontal wiring of the frames. High quality and pure beeswax melts when the temperatures reach 60 °C. The queen and the adults bees are not exposed to the heat as the therapy in done with the open entrance. The queen and the adult bees can either move to the bottom box where the temperature stays the same or leave the hive.

For 100 % cure of the colony, the therapy must be repeated within interval of 7-14 days. The rest of surviving mites will be destroyed. The same method could also be applied before adding honey chamber in order to kill the rest of the mites that could have survived winter on the bees.

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